Top Cannabis Strains for a Fun-Loving, Social Summer

byhellomd2 minutes

As summer rolls in and COVID restrictions start to lift and the world opens back up, the horizons are looking a little brighter. If you're lucky, you may have noticed backyard BBQ invites rolling in again, lazy afternoons at the beach with friends, and a few other signals that are helping to make life feel normal again. Fingers crossed, knock on wood, it's time to start the engines as we peel past a global pandemic and into summer high season - pun intended.

As the days get longer and we can enjoy one another's company again, cannabis is a great way to ease social anxiety and increase a sense of connection to the ones we love. It can also help soothe away the tensions held from a year of working from home.

Here we list our favorite summertime strains to keep you feeling light, relaxed and grateful for the renewed good vibes.

Super Lemon Haze

The child of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, Super Lemon Haze is an award-winning triumph that holds a high level of terpenes and a super citrusy aroma. The buds are super elongated and sticky with a THC content of between 15-25%. It's well-known to have a stimulating cerebral effect with an incredibly tangy and lemony taste. The effects are uniquely energetic and lively and good for those that want to get the party started.

Dirty Girl

Dirty Girl is a tropical delight, swimming in citrus flavor and exuding the personality of a Carribean Island. Dirty Girl is from British Columbia and is a cross of Cinderella 99 and Arcata Lemon Wreck. Its THC content hovers around 25%, and she is known to give an energizing and smooth buzz. The bid has yellowish hairs and a sticky terpene profile reminiscent of Pine Sol, or a walk in the woods. Smoking Dirty Girl will lead to feeling focused, uplifted, and motivated enough to tackle to-do lists. She may also leave you feeling more talkative, which is great for getting back into the social game.


Who doesn't love a good game of Candyland? This strain is known for its playful and energizing effects and was born out of the California hillsides. Candyland is crossed with Granddaddy Purple and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. It's a Sativa-dominant hybrid with THC content, and watch out as its THC content can go as high as 29%. It's both earthy and sweet with a dense trichome coverage that smells of berry and pine. Candyland is a strain known for getting people out of their shell as it's uplifting, happy, and a good combination of relaxation and stimulation.

Doug's Varin

Doug's Varin is one of the few strains you can find reliably having a high THCV content. The strain boasts an unprecedented 6:7 THC to THCV ratio. It provides a clear-headed and focused high with bursts of energy that is well-known for mental stimulation. With an earthy, pine aroma with sweet citrus notes, there are hints of lemon and wood. This is a great choice for a long walk out in nature or if you need to focus on a new project.