Top Luxury Cannabis Products for your 2021 Holiday Season

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Remember when consuming cannabis meant sneaking a joint behind the building? Not anymore! Today, thanks to legalization efforts, things are dramatically different. Not only can we consume cannabis in the light of day, we have a host of new, luxury products to choose from. Cannabis has officially gone from the basement to the VIP lounge.

New lines of high-end cannabis products bear the imprint of today's trendiest producers as well as innovative cannasseurs. Our holiday luxury list includes edibles from Nove Luxury Chocolate to 'weed' accessories by high-end interior designer Jonathan Adler.

We promise that no matter how you choose to consume your cannabis, this new world has a treat for you. Below we present our top luxury cannabis products for the 2021 holiday gift-giving season.

A New Wave of Cannabis Entrepreneurs

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The high-end interior designer Jonathan Adler now makes weed accessories @jonathanadler Instagram

Legalization has opened the flood gates to a new wave of cannabis entrepreneurship, as growers and manufacturers compete for new consumers who desire quality and consistency. Artisan cannabis producers are now using more mainstream branding and marketing strategies, similar to the fashion industry and other luxury goods, to promote cannabis brands and products.

These designer products broaden the appeal of cannabis, drawing in new consumers who reject the stoner image. Cannabis is now a lifestyle product similar to designer coffee or sinfully rich ice cream for these consumers. Here's a look at five of today's trendiest luxury cannabis products, suitable for giving as gifts – even as a gift to yourself.

Nove Luxury Chocolate

Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 6.02.59 PM.png

Nove Rasberry Bramble Chocolate

Nove Luxury Chocolate aims to fill a void in the market by supplying premium chocolate infused with the best quality cannabis. Their chocolate is a labor of love, combining the power of cacao and cannabis, and according to Nove, "When cannabis and chocolate are consumed together, it leaves users with a happy, indulgent, and elevated feeling." Their chocolate line includes flavor profiles such as Rasberry Bramble, Island Coconut, and Glacier Mint. Nove can be found in Colorado dispensaries, and each bar retails for around $18.

MJ Flower by Canndescent

Canndescent flower with the effect Create

Canndescent MJ flower 'Create'

Canndescent is a pioneer in creating personalized, luxury cannabis products for discerning, lifestyle-conscious consumers. They make things simple by avoiding industry jargon, instead, they market their products by their effects. Its scientifically grown, industry-defining cannabis flower comes in 1/8th and 1 gram jars, available in each of its signature effects – Calm, Create, Connect, Cruise and Charge. Canndescent can be found in California dispensaries. Canndescent flower retails around $55 per 3.5 grams.

SensiVapes Gold Luxury Vape Pen

Sensi gold luxury vape

The Sensi Gold Luxury Vape

For those who prefer to inhale their cannabis, SensiVapes offers a portable vape pen created with the "vaping connoisseur" in mind. This gold-plated vape pen is discreet and portable, and delivers clean, potent cannabis vape every time. SensiVapes also offers a Silver plated version along with accessories such as a matching carry case. The retail price is $69.

Littlejohn's Carry Cases

Littlejohn's of New York sells designer carry cases and pouches for all your cannabis and accessories. The Stow collection includes odor-proof Slim Cases, Long Cases, Caddies, and Pouches for carrying your cannabis anywhere. All cases and pouches are made of premium fine grain leather and can be monogrammed for a personalized touch. The STOW caddy, pictured above, retails for $100.

Littlejohn's STOW carry case

The Stow caddy by Littlejohn

Weed Accessories by Jonathan Adler

The Weed Canister Jonathan Adler

Who doesn't love a Weed Canister? Jonathan Adler sells his high-end pottery to amuse and delight the discerning weed enthusiast. Products include gold rolling papers, a gold electric herb grinder, trays, humidors, and ashtrays. The Weed Canister retails for $180.

Cannabis has come a long way in recent years, and today's cannabis-inspired collections offer something for every MJ enthusiast. Whether you're looking for tasty edibles, elegant cocktail infusions, or tools to manage your weed, there's a product for your lifestyle!